Friday, December 5, 2008

Well well.

So I've finally conformed to the SL style of having a blog for my store, and I guess it's not too bad I suppose it will be easier to show my new releases here.. Asuming I actually update this :x

First off I want to say that Leafy has moved from its original parcel in Reign to a much bigger one, the Grand Opening was Last weekend; for those of you that missed it the sale is now over but I have lowered the pose prices since I felt that they were too much for photo poses. 

At the moment I am working on releasing a new shape, her name is Yumiko she will have several body types. No you wont have to pick a body type, they will all come in a modify/nomodify version of the shape, the demo will have well.. the demos of the body types/shape :]

As for my poses, I am working on a cute pose pack and several couple poses. I don't have pictures to show you them yet but soon!

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